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Limited edition of five hand-retouched copies, numbered and signed in pencil by the artist on the bottom right.

The theme of the drawing is the ancient city of Carthage, founded by the Phoenicians on the coast of North Africa and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The most characterizing element of the ancient city-state was undoubtedly the ring shape of the military port. Hence the proposal to build it with rounded shapes, more precisely in the shape of a concave cylinder suspended on the shell of the half sphere. The concentric circles on the water surface of the half-sphere represent the vibrations generated by the city's monumental gravity. The purity of the sphere is contaminated by the wounds from which the city's buildings emerge and by the inscription of the name in the ancient Phoenician alphabet. This drawing contains an exception compared to the others in the series: the perspective point of view is at the top, and background is represented in the upper part of the drawing, with a horizon line of the sea and a sky full of clouds drawn with the pointillism technique.


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Screenprint on paper


100 x 70 cm