Flowers FS ll.65
Vendita opere Andy Warhol, Galleria d'arte Contemporanea Milano, opere d'arte Andy Warhol

Flowers FS ll.65

Exemplary 143/250, numbered with rubber stamp on the back. Work published in "F.Feldman, J.Schellmann, C.Defendi, Andy Warhol Prints, a catalog raisonné, 1962-1987 New York 2015 n° II.64-73 p. 213/214 Flowers 1970." On the back of the work, bottom right, black stamp with the words "fill in your own signature".

Inspired by a photograph of hibiscus taken by Patricia Caulfield in June 1964 in Modern Photography, the Flowers theme was used by Andy Warhol for the well-known series of serigraphs made in 250 copies in 1970 and known as Factory Editions.
In the description of Flowers in the Andy Warhol Prints catalog raisonné, this second series from 1970, also known as the Sunday B Morning Edition, is also mentioned:
"There are unauthorized prints measuring 91.4 x 91.4 cm which were published in 1970 in the same colors as the 1967 folder, in an edition of 250 copies with the number of the copy printed on the reverse in black with the words: published by Sunday B Morning e Fill in your own signature."
This sheet is part of this second edition.

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Screenprint on paper


89,4 x 89,6 cm