Bernabò Home Gallery is a gallery specialized in modern and contemporary art.
The space is the result of decades of professional experience
and it hosts the important personal exhibitions of some of the biggest names in the twentieth century and contemporary art scene.
Bernabò Home Gallery offers in its spaces, paintings and sculptures with a particular focus
on graphic works by the great national and international masters.
The mission of the Home is to offer visitors and collectors, through the chosen works of the represented artists, a cultural journey
through the major artistic movements of the last century, which continues with the contemporary languages
of the artists represented.
Particular and scrupulous attention is paid to the executive level of the proposed works;
considering both the technical level of the product and the originality of the language.
The attention to detail makes the gallery a place where a personal passion, where a personal passion has evolved
over the years and transformed into authentic professionalism.
The acquisition of a piece of art in our Home is determined by multiple requirements.
The historical connotation, the state of conservation, the executive level and the beauty are considered fundamental elements
united by precise considerations on the artistic value of the work itself, as well as its origin and authenticity.
We consider the direct view of a work of art a very important phase in
the purchase decision.
Upon request, we are also available to show you the work.
When and if you decide to proceed with the purchase, we will arrange for the shipment, or, upon your request,
we will personally take care of the delivery to your home.