Onirico Veneziano
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Onirico Veneziano

"De Chirico, therefore, before anything else. But one would be mistaken, I believe, to believe that Nunziante has established a strictly academic relationship with De Chirico's work, like an endlessly mechanical repeater of his models, or that his ultimate goal is to make "Neo-metaphysics", even more so than the often somewhat tired and self-celebratory "Neo-metaphysics" that De Chirico undertook in the last two decades of his life. For Nunziante, there can be no "Neo-Metaphysics". There is a Metaphysics, always the same from the moment of its brilliant discovery. Because Metaphysics is more than just an artistic and intellectual experience of the 20th century man, however important, one of the most remarkable and original stages of Italian culture of the last century, with its precise historical location, with its chronological extremes, like any other experience of the early avant-garde. No, Metaphysical Art cannot be just that, otherwise it would be a contradiction in terms. If it is Metaphysics, literally, then it is something that goes beyond the limits of materiality, thus also beyond the boundaries of history and time, meaning by the former the recording of the succession of the latter. And it is also something that goes beyond the limits of geography, given that the initial reference to Italy, although so dear to Nunziante and to us, was immediately universalised, becoming a heritage shared by all."

In the beginning it was De Chirico, Vittorio Sgarbi.

Work published X Volume Electa of the General Catalog of Antonio Nunziante.


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Oil on canvas


40 x 50 cm