Joan Miró

Joan Miró

Joan Miró Ferra was born in Barcelona on April 20, 1893. At the age of fourteen he attended a commercial school and also the Academy of Fine Arts La Lonja in Barcelona. Three years later he found a job as an accountant, but due to a period of exhaustion he abandoned the trade and resumed his art studies, attending Francesc Galí's School of Art from 1912 to 1915. In 1917 he met Francis Picabia and the following year held his first solo show in the gallery of the art dealer José Dalmau, in Barcelona.
In 1920 he went to Paris for the first time where he met Pablo Picasso. He has since divided his time between Montroig, Spain, and Paris, where he frequents poets Pierre Reverdy, Tristan Tzara and Max Jacob and participates in Dada activities. In 1921 Dalmau organized his first solo show for him in Paris, at the Galerie La Licorne and in 1923 the artist participated in the Salon d’Automne. In 1924 he joined the surrealist group. He exhibited in a solo show at the Galerie Pierre in 1925, where, in the same year, he also took part in the first exhibition of the Surrealists. In 1928 he visited the Netherlands, where he began a series of paintings inspired by Dutch masters and made the first papier collé and collages. In the same year Miró began to work in ceramics with Josep Lloréns y Artigas and to deal with prints: from 1954 to 1958 he devoted himself almost exclusively to these two activities. In 1958 he received the Guggenheim International Award for the wall decorations of the UNESCO building in Paris; the following year he resumed painting, starting a series of large canvases. In the sixties he devoted himself intensely to sculpture. In 1974 the Grand Palais in Paris held an important retrospective of his; in 1978 the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Center Georges Pompidou, exhibited over five hundred works on the occasion of a vast retrospective of his drawings. Miró died on December 25, 1983 in Palma de Mallorca.

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Joan Miró Ferra, born on 20 April 1893 in Barcelona, is one of the most influential artists of Surrealism. After studying at the La Lonja Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona, he met leading figures such as Francis Picabia and Pablo Picasso. His artistic career took off with his first solo exhibition in Barcelona in 1918, and later with his exhibitions in Paris. Miró is known for his membership of the Surrealist group and his ability to combine traditional art with avant-garde elements. Bernabò Home Gallery is proud to present an exclusive selection of his artworks, available for purchase.

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Joan Miró's artworks and sculptures are renowned for their unique visual language, characterised by biomorphic shapes, vivid colours and fluid line. After joining the Surrealist movement, Miró developed an unmistakable style that reflected his dreamlike imagination and fascination with the subconscious. Our collection includes paintings, ceramics, prints and sculptures, which testify to the wide range of expressive media used by the artist. These creations capture the essence of surrealism and the innovation that Miró brought to the world art scene.

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Owning a work of art by the painter Miró means adding a piece of modern and surrealist art history to your collection. His works and drawings, with their wealth of colours and shapes, not only beautify spaces, but also represent a safe and valuable investment. Miró has been recognised internationally, with major retrospectives at the Grand Palais in Paris and the Centre Georges Pompidou testifying to the enduring influence of his art. His creations continue to inspire and fascinate collectors and art lovers worldwide.

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