Maribel García Benito

Maribel García Benito

Maribel García Benito was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1968. During her childhood and part of her adolescence she was immersed in nature in a city in the mountains of Madrid, San Lorenzo del Escorial, always attracted by creation and art since girl. After her education she chose to study Interior Architecture. Over the years he has decided to devote himself entirely to something he has never forgotten, painting. Maribel García Benito is considered a self-taught artist even if she was formed thanks to some studies with very important painters such as J, Luis Ocio Taller del Prado, Estudio Artificio with the painter Javier Pérez, Estudio 25 Artistas with the painter Consuelo Chacón and is It was in 2015 when he created his own studio in San Sebastián dei Re (Madrid). His already very intense activity leads him to participate in numerous group and individual exhibitions in Spain and to win some prizes. It will soon begin to be present in some contemporary art fairs in Europe such as Amsterdam, Bologna, Berlin, Lille, Montpellier, Lisbon and Madrid.

“Through art, everyday life can be broken. You can see another different perspective that allows us to enter another reality that apparently had no meaning. Our daily life is charged not only with a great poetic force, but also with a symbolic one. The personal world that surrounds us is not always visible or palpable, our domestic scenes are also the reflection of our memories, our memory, our absences and our most intimate feelings. My work reflects my relationship with the spaces where I have lived or imagined, spaces where people exist only in their absence, seemingly anonymous spaces that hide a great emotional and autobiographical charge, places where images become symbols of my reality.”

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Maribel García Benito, born in Madrid in 1968, is an important artist in the contemporary art movement. She grew up in San Lorenzo del Escorial, surrounded by nature in the mountains of Madrid, and has always nurtured a strong interest in painting. After studying interior architecture, she decided to devote herself entirely to painting. Although self-taught, Maribel perfected her techniques through studies with prominent artists such as J. Luis Ocio and Javier Pérez. In 2015, she set up her own studio in San Sebastián dei Re, Madrid, and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Spain and throughout Europe. Bernabò Home Gallery is proud to present an exclusive selection of her artworks, available for purchase.

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The artworks of painter Maribel García Benito are famous for their ability to transform the everyday into poetic and symbolic visions. Through her art, Maribel explores lived and imagined spaces, creating scenes that reflect her memories, feelings and absences. Her emotionally and autobiographically charged artworks have been exhibited at contemporary art fairs in Amsterdam, Bologna, Berlin, Lille, Montpellier, Lisbon and Madrid. These unique creations are available for purchase at Bernabò Home Gallery.

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Owning a work of art by artist García Benito means adding a piece of contemporary art that offers a profound reflection on everyday reality and personal spaces. His works and paintings, with their ability to evoke emotions and tell intimate stories, are a safe investment and a valuable addition to any art collection. Each piece in our collection captures the essence of his unique worldview, offering collectors a work of art that stimulates imagination and reflection.

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