Act Local Think Global - Spring lab edition

Act Local Think Global – Spring lab edition

Act Local Think Global - Spring lab edition (6-7 April 2024)


Bernabò Home Gallery is pleased to participate in the first spring event of Misca Market bringing a curated selection of works dedicated to beauty and nature.
In the enchanting setting of Otolab, once a late 19th-century metallurgical factory and now a vibrant cultural centre in Lecco, art finds a home where it can dialogue in harmony.
We were attracted by this unique and stimulating space, and we chose to present a collection of works that integrate perfectly with the atmosphere of Otolab.
Bernabò Home Gallery was founded in 2017 in the evocative setting of Trezzo sull'Adda by the idea of its founder Laura Piangerelli to want to compose a range of selected artists of national and international importance. His passion for art has won over his son Alfredo, who now supports him in the management of the gallery, participating in the research and selection of works to be proposed, maintaining an innovative and intimate approach different from the classic art gallery.
Among the works selected for Misca Market we propose "Rimessa", by the artist ALESSANDRO TOFANELLI, in which the painter captures the essence of a possible rebirth. Light and nature return, in Tofanelli’s paintings, to permeate our daily reality gently caressing the traces of human presence. The latter finds space in the compositions only with elements that recall the passage, leaving nature itself to dominate as queen of the work.