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First version of the Trovatore. Copy 31/99. 4-color lithograph published in Giorgio De Chirico Catalog of the graphic work 1969 -1977 edited by Edoardo Brandani, Edizioni Bora, Bologna, February 1999, page.
180 tables 11.156. The work bears the blind stamp "G.d.C." in the lower left corner. (Giorgio de Chirico) and at the bottom right the stamp of the printer Alberto Caprini of Rome. In 1917 de Chirico created the most famous mannequin figure, that of the troubadour, which has nothing to do - as most believe with the melodrama of the same name by Giuseppe Verdi. The Troubadour is simply the most famous image of the medieval poet (to be exact, it is a Provençal word to designate the singer, the bard of the courts). Therefore, the whole tradition of poetry converges in the Trovatore, from that of the Homeric singers to that of the Celtic bards, blind to the things of today because they are endowed with prophetic vision. De Chirico uses the term troubadour probably under the influence of Nietzsche, who in the song with which he closes The gay science (another title of Provençal poetic origin: gay sabér), makes the troubadours the symbols of a new art that is freer, more dancing and joyful, more transgressive because she is aware that she has knocked down all idols.


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70 x 53 cm