Only where you are
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Only where you are

Luca Dall’Olio's landscapes arise from an imaginative fervor, from a particular taste for color that spreads over the entire surface of the support in fluid, dense, vibrant and completely new layers. The drawing clearly configures a dreamlike universe, where the forms of nature and imaginative constructions are brought back to a primary geometric dimension, simplified, deliberately anti-decorative, and of immediate decoding. In this joyfully variegated painting, it is the surface of the visible that counts, while it is difficult to find the symbolic meanings underlying these metaphorical events, which are perhaps to be interpreted as parables. In truth, Luca Dall’Olio is not a painter of gratuitous acts, and his going through images has nothing to do with improvisation. He meditates on the existing and through the sophisticated beauty of its colors, he tells the human condition, presented in a poetic key that is combined with a subtle moral warning, which only the attentive observer can grasp within these skilful compositional jewels.

Paesaggi di Paolo Levi


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Oil on canvas

80 x 40 cm