TACI, IL NEMICO TI ASCOLTA - Latet anguis in herba
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SHUT UP, THE ENEMY IS LISTENING TO YOU – Latet anguis in herba

For all this, a more careful observation is enough to realize that with Sciff we are faced with images with a very particular connotation, in fact, subtitles in Latin are always present in every work that mark the dramatic distance between the vision of those who have a culture. humanities and the banality and vulgarity of the reality in which we live. Even the brazenly sexual references that characterize these works are on the one hand a denunciation of the sexual mania of our time and on the other a painful nostalgia for a world where sentimental education was still part of our life.

Simona Tosini Pizzetti, in Sciff, 2014


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Water-based enamel on multilayer plywood


152 x 60 cm