For Pignatelli, art is not about putting the world in order but suggesting methods of aggregation capable of developing processes of internal and external, internal and external knowledge. The work is not the result of stiffening and paralysis that dry out all sedimentation, but rather practices of appropriation outside the principle of possession, the foundation of a method capable of giving a method also to the artist's life. This does not mean to force the artist regressively into the logic of poetics, into the metalinguistic coherence of the work, but rather to stabilize the lightness of being within the evident consistency of the work and through it. This is not made up of accumulation, an object albeit formalized alongside other everyday objects. The order that governs the work without rigidity takes on the task of establishing a boundary between two universes that live together but at the same time are governed differently.


Immanence of art in the work of Luca Pignatelli, Achille Bonito Oliva



Oil on railroad tarpaulin


60 x 40 cm