Piazza d'Italia con Statua Equestre
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Piazza d’Italia with Equestrian Statue

Example 60/99. Edition of 99 copies numbered from 1/99 to 99/99, 30 copies numbered from I/XXX to XXX/XXX, 21 copies signed by the letters from A to Z, 12 Artist's Proofs, some copies hand-colored by the Artist. 5-color lithograph published in Edoardo Brandani "Giorgio de Chirico" Catalog of the Graphic Work 1969/1977 Bora editions, on page 205 pl. 11.180. At the bottom right of the work, the artist's hand signature and dry stamps Giorgio de Chirico and Alberto Caprini printer in Rome.

All of De Chirico's compositions are dominated by the memory of a place or a moment, suspended between reality and dream. In particular, the Piazza d'Italia, which originated following his stay in Turin in 1912, accentuates this feeling, as can also be seen in the version presented here, thanks to an atmosphere of mystery and expectation that permeates the whole space, giving it a dominant solemn silence, exalted even by the long shadow projected by the architecture, the statue and the two men. In 1925, the artist wrote in 1925 about his Italian squares, and therefore about memory as the key element they contain: "I still had in mind the Piedmontese capital; the monarchical city with its squares inhabited by scientists and kings, politicians and warriors, standing in tired and solemn poses on their stone pedestals, I still had in mind all the strange lyricism of its fatal geometric construction".

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50 x 70 cm