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The slow substance of art – said Paul Klee – “does not repeat visible things, but makes them visible”. And this visibility of reality in what was not visible before, in what the artist captures within himself with the sight of the mind and heart, truly constitutes an imaginative and captivating landing point for an extraordinary journey of many suggestions.
The result? All that Filippi shows us with these works is poetic metamorphosis, expressive interpretation, feeling explicitly told in the subtle charm of memory elaborations and transfigurations.
Authentic emotions, therefore, exquisitely carnal and at the same time interwoven with elusive lyrical vibrations, with intimate and secret trepidations that fervently unfold under his fingers and before our eyes.

The senses of form by Giorgio Seveso


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Bronze sculpture lost wax casting and hot patinated


52 x 20 x 15 cm