I am like that star

I am like that star

Our surprise is always the same, in intensity, and always unprecedented: imaginary lands blend with the city. Strong but delicate pictorial signs accompany us docile on the surface of a photograph. We sit there and, miraculously, effortlessly, we run even further, to the next image, to the next moment together, precisely with the mysterious talent that belongs to lovers.

So let's enjoy these compositions, which do not impose a thought or a vision on us but - a much more precious quality - stimulate us not to be satisfied with a single point of view, to welcome multiple, infinite ones. Dall’Olio worlds are invitations to wonder, the quality of the universe which is both the most fantastic and the most realistic. They are invitations to look, to touch, to gather; in short, they are delightful imperatives to be amazed by the correspondences. And to match wonder.

The enchantment of correspondence by Paolo Capelletti




Oil on canvas


70 x 50 cm