Black Flames
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Black Flames

Pieralberto Filippi is an artist. A true artist. Who knows how to suffer and rejoice in the passion of creation, and knows how to reflect on the fertility of the languages ​​of art. Since the 1960s he has been struggling in his search for the most suitable languages ​​for him to materialize his desire to "express himself". He was a saxophonist, he has always loved jazz, but his interest was gradually attracted by visual codes. He became a painter, however, discovering that this activity was nothing more than the road that would lead him to sculpture. Filippi, today, is predominantly a sculptor: a sculptor with a soul sedimented by the multimedia twists of art: he expresses himself motivated by an undulating background of interests.

The poetry of form by Aldo Carrozza


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Sculpture in Belgian black marble with Carrara marble base


65 x 18 x 10 cm