Sale of modern and contemporary art: Bernabò is a Home and Online Gallery displaying oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, and multiples like lithographies and screen prints by the greatest names of contemporary and '900 art.  

Bernabò Home Gallery is the art gallery that can assist you in safely purchasing contemporary and modern works of art by both the most important artists and rising names in the world of art, all of them expertly selected. With the choice of an absolutely particular location and a careful work procedure matured over years of experience, we offer paintings, drawings, and multiple printings by internationally renowned artists.

Our purpose is to create a relationship of trust and empathy with the collectors who deal with us, so that we can offert them artwork (be it on paper, on canvas, or a sculpture) that will actually enrich their collection. We never stop at proposing impersonal, "one-click" purchases. We see the online art market as an extension of the many art exhibitions we've organized and will continue to organize; a chance to make the artwork of the most important contemporary artists and their possible buyers meet. 
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Bernabò Home Gallery sells artwork by high-profile artists, recognized as the makers of contemporary art history, together with works by carefully selected budding artists. Here are the most important names we're proud to offer to our clients:  
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Twentieth century art is extremely rich, and the variety of artwork published in catalogues and displayed in galleries is overwhelming. Bernabò Home Gallery is specialized in pictorial works on paper and canvas, both unique and multiple, by the most renowned modern and contemporary artists: 

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Who buys art online? The Internet has given the opportunity to discover and purchase artwork by the most important contemporary artists to a far wider public than was once possible. And among the people that call on us to purchase artwork we have collectors looking for a rare or unique piece by the artist they're passionate about, investors looking to buy high-value art pieces at an interesting price, and even art lovers looking for a work of art to place in a room so as to enjoy its beauty every day. We can offer all these people valued art pieces guaranteed by our accurate evaluation process, and we have the same care and the same meticulous effort to all of them.

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