Hug me
Vendita opere Skiri, Galleria d'arte contemporanea Milano

Hug me

The artist works on a single piece of poliplat (compressed polystyrene) on which he cuts out patterns representing the Martini logo, which give the background to the iconic Marilyn Monroe who is represented with two wings; the artist explains that he uses this element on characters who are no longer with us. At the top right is her beloved Chanel No.5 perfume. Through the iconic pose the artist sees a new image, and therefore decides to interpret it as a hug, thus placing the famous Looney Tunes character, Tweety, in his arms. On the top he inserts the name of the ELLE magazine. To conclude his work Skiri throws some Jackson Pollock-style paint, defining it as his signature. The last creation process is a resin application which gives the work a tiled effect.


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Mixed media on poliplat


120 x 100 cm