Crying girl

Crying girl

Inspired by the billboards and advertising posters of the time, Crying Girl is a painting with comic and, at the same time, cinematic features in which an attractive blonde girl adorned with pearl earrings, lipstick and red nail polish cries emphatically, in imitation of the divas of cinema and a new society of icons, founded on the myth of excess. The protagonist, immortalized in three-quarter view, appears to be in motion, her flowing gold hair is disheveled by the wind, while her thick black eyebrows are arched, underlining the dramatic effect of the scene. With the "Ben-Day dots" technique, Lichtenstein illuminates the woman's complexion through the superimposition of small dots of different colors, applied with the stencil and highlighted by the strong black outlines of the drawing. The final result is not a harmonious and realistic composition, but a juxtaposition of contrasting shapes and colors that makes the work attractive and disturbing at the same time.

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Offset colore su carta/pergamena


100 x 100 x 10 cm